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Yorkshire Tea ‘Makes The Best Brew’

Yorkshire Tea Makes The Best Brew

Fans of a “proper brew” are rejoicing after Yorkshire Tea is voted the nation’s favourite cuppa. The Harrogate-based tea company beat household favourite PG Tips — and fans couldn’t hide their delight.

One tweeted: “Yorkshire tea, is the outright winner. It’s been proven by the masses. Got to go now, I need a brew. More tea vicar?” Another, Golden Eagle, wrote: “Makes me proud to come from the North.”

Other tea lovers gave Yorkshire Gold the thumbs up with one fan, who described Tetley as a disgrace, tweeting: “Yorkshire Gold is the One True Bag.”

A YouGov survey asked Brits which tea bag brand makes the best cuppa and the Yorkshire blend came out top with the backing of 25% of Brits. PG Tips claimed 22% with Tetley on 16%, Twinings on 6% and Typhoo loved by 4% of tea drinkers. Only 7% tea drinkers said they either didn’t have a favourite or didn’t know which was their favourite.

The findings stirred up a lively debate on Twitter with many disagreeing with the result. Jim wrote: “Yorkshire tea is nice but massively overrated in my opinion. Twinnings Breakfast and Everyday are easily the best!”

Amanda Aston agreed: “Twinings only 6%? Who did you ask? How on earth can PG Tips get a higher percentage than Twinings? (shakes head)… I always stock up on Twinings English Breakfast when they are half price in Tesco!”

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The Tea Club rated Yorkshire Tea but said other brands deserve the top spot, saying: “Twinings is overpriced, always weak. Tetley and PG shouldn’t be anywhere near Yorkshire Tea. Our votes always go to Punjana Tea, Ringtons or Miles Tea Coffees.”

Gearrai Mac Liam agreed: “You appear to have ignored/omitted Punjana Tea, which would beat any of the teas listed. Strength, depth of flavour, colour — all exceptional. I’ve converted several English tea drinkers to this king of cha.”

Just when the best tea bag brand teas had been named, Joel McKevitt throws “Aldi cheapo tea for me” into the mix and his tweet attracted one like.

Another brand that attracted some interest is Clipper Teas, who were grateful to finally be mentioned. One user wrote: “Clipper — rich and luxurious, king of teas, gold tea with unbleached bags.” Another said: “Um where was Clipper Teas in all this? Superior in every glorious tea slurping way to the brands surveyed.” While King Fu Movie Guy added: “Clipper Teas. Organic for me.”

One commentator, who didn’t have an opinion on his favourite brand, wrote: “Very interesting but will we still be able to buy tea after Brexit?” Before you start to stockpile tea, Golden Eagle was quick to handle this one. “We bought tea before entering the EU,” he reassured tea drinkers.