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Trick Hotels Use For Crease-Free Sheets

Trick Hotels Use For Crease-Free Sheets

Wrinkle-free bed linen not only looks clean and fresh but makes you look forward to slipping under the covers for a good night’s sleep. Though achieving crease-free bed sheets appears to be a skill that only hotel housekeepers seem to have sussed. Well, that is until now.

This nifty trick will have your linen looking pristine — with even deep-set creases flattening out and disappearing in an instant. Don’t sweat, you won’t need an iron or a steamer to smooth crinkled sheets. All you need is five minutes and a spray bottle containing good old tap water. Ready to get started?

Make the bottom part of the bed as usual but leave the corners out. Grab the water bottle and evenly spritz a fine mist across the bottom sheet and shake out a few times until the creases settle. Lay centrally on the bed with the same amount hanging evenly over the sides and pull tight and tuck under. Finish with hospital corners (tight diagonal fold).

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Follow the same process for the duvet. Shake it out, then lay the duvet flat on the bed about two inches from the headboard and smooth out creases with your hands. Then carefully place the throw and tuck it under, finishing with neat hospital corners to pull everything together. And that’s all there is to it.

For best results, use white cotton sheets with a 300 thread count for a hotel-inspired presentation. And invest in flat sheets instead of fitted ones as they can be pulled creaseless over the mattress. If you’re short on time, use slightly damp sheets for a crisp look every time. Otherwise, hang bed linen outside or tumble dry on a slow speed.