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This Will Remove Limescale Buildup Fast

limescale remover

Has your sink lost its shine? Is there a stubborn yellow ring around the plughole or a milky white film on the tap? Those who like to admire their reflection in the gleaming chrome will know this is limescale.

If you haven’t got hours for vinegar or lemon juice to work their magic, then try limescale remover HG Scale Away. This powerful spray will clean a sink in five minutes and a bathroom in 15 minutes.

To use Scale Away, simply spray the stain and leave to work for at least five minutes. Soaking makes limescale removal easy. While the product is working you can get other household chores done and dusted. When you return, there’s no more scrubbing — you only need to wipe to leave nothing but a brilliant shine.

Scale Away will work on tiles, shower cubicles, plastic bath tubs, washbasins, taps, shower heads, toilets and worktops without affecting chrome, glaze or grout. And the best bit — this product won’t leave any residue behind, just a clean-smelling bathroom.

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Cleaning doesn’t always have to be a chore, you can have your bathroom spotless in minutes with a little work and a feeling of satisfaction. Life is too short to spend hours scrubbing toilets, sinks and bath tubs — the time has come to let this cleaning product do most of the work. With limescale now a thing of the past, you’ll have more time to spend on the things you enjoy.

Making limescale removal part of your regular cleaning routine will also save you a lot of hard graft in the long-run, so it’s worth tackling as often as you can. Tip: to keep limescale at bay for longer, wipe buildup hotspots with a microfiber cloth after each use.