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Telltale Signs You Need A New Bathroom

Telltale Signs You Need A New Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms to renovate and it makes sense why. It’s a high traffic area and often the first room you’ll visit when you wake up and the last place you go before slipping into bed. And it can quickly look unloved after years of use. So how do you tell if you’re in need of a bathroom renovation? There’s five key telltale signs to look out for and if you find yourself agreeing with any of them, then your bathroom definitely deserves an update.

Carpet: Like Marmite, you either love or hate carpet in the bathroom. When it’s new and clean, carpet is a godsend in winter months. It’s a cosy, permanent fixture but unlike bathmats and scatter rugs carpet isn’t easy to wash. With prolonged moisture exposure, your warm carpet can quickly harbour potentially harmful bacteria and smell like sodden socks. Add small children and accidental spillages to the mix, stains will be a regular feature in your carpet as well as hidden dirt lurking in the fibres.

Fungus: Mould is the number one problem in the bathroom and mouldy grout and grimy sealant is enough to put anyone off a bath. If that’s what you face every morning and evening, then no amount of elbow grease will restore your bathroom to gleaming glory. You may no longer see the unsightly black spots, but that’s the first thing your guests like notice. Make sure that improper ventilation isn’t causing the problem as that can be costly to put right. So think twice before you ignore this problem and take pride in your bathroom again.

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Exposed pipes: Replacing broken fixtures and fittings can leave exposed pipes and gaps (where there shouldn’t be any) everywhere. Industrial chic is cool in the kitchen and lounge but a no-no in other areas of your home. If you’re rocking this trend in the bathroom, then you need more than a plumber to fix the problem. Combined with out-dated tiles, your bathroom is screaming for an overhaul.

Leaks: A dripping tap or leaky shower is something you can put up with for a while, but eventually you’ll have to put it right. Apart from adding to your water bill, the excess moisture being leaked into other parts of your home could lead to mould issues. Replacing the showerhead and faucet is an easy fix, but perhaps it’s time to update the fixtures.

Poor drainage: This is one of the key reasons homeowners want to replace the bathroom. Check the drains by running the bath and shower and watching how quickly the water disappears. If you’re standing in a pool of water after turning off the shower or the bath empties slowly, then you have a drainage problem. Poor drainage can also create an unattractive odour coming from the sink or shower. Blocked drainage can usually be fixed with regular maintenance, however, it’s worth calling a plumbing to make sure water isn’t flowing to the wrong place.