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Rock Gardens: Make A Big Impact With Little Effort

rock gardensA rock garden is a great way to add drama to your backyard

Rock gardens are a great way to make a big impact in your outdoor space with small plants like alpines. By mixing hardscapes with softscapes you can easily create a focal point in the backyard.

You can also add instant kerb-appeal to a neglected area at the front of the house. And there’s no limit on how far you can push the boundaries.

If you have a small garden or space to work with then there’s no harm in sticking to convention. Use small to medium-sized rocks, pebbles and slate to create an attractive environment that looks as natural as possible.

If you have more room in your garden then don’t be afraid to be a little adventurous and experiment with boulders or large ornamental features.

The larger shapes will also allow you to use bigger and bolder plants. Hardy palms, bamboo plants, shrubs and trees will work well next to boulders, as well as create interesting shadows in your garden throughout the day. Yes, they will be more expensive but the end result will be amazing.

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If you prefer growing vegetables, then stones and pebbles can still play a big part in the final look of your rock garden. Instead of strategically dotting the rocks in between plants you can stack your favourite rocks in a circular or square shape. And they can be as high and wide as you like.

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