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We offer 1000’s of quality products from well-known brands for the home and garden

Baking products and accessories; jam and preserve making and jars; food preparation products, cookware, utensils and accessories; knives, knife sets and knife blocks; scissors and cutlery; kitchen electricals; food storage, bags, foil, cling film, containers; general kitchen accessories; tableware, water filters and jugs; children’s kitchen sets.
Mops, brooms and sweepers; cleaning solutions and products; buckets, bowls and stands; dish racks/drainers and tea towels; soaps and air fresheners, gloves and aprons; clothes horses and airers; baskets, bins and ironing boards/covers; washing lines, pegs and coat hangers; stain removers, vacuum cleaner bags, Rug Doctor; step ladders and stools.
Tools and accessories; plant support, baskets and containers; plant food and fertilisers; lawn care and weed control; Hozelock fittings, watering cans and hoses; top soil, compost and manure; vegetable and flower seeds; bird food and feeders; glass cutting service and greenhouse clips; children’s tools; decorative gravel (bag or ton); BBQs and wheelbarrows.
Here’s some of our products to keep your home and garden free of pests. Rodent bait and traps, mole traps, ant traps, powder, spray and liquid; fly sprays and swatters, spider repellent, smoke fumigator; slug, woodlice, cockroach, moth and beetle killer; pesticides, vegetable netting, cat and dog repellent, squirrel cages.
Household coal 25kg and briquette coal 25kg, nets of logs and sticks, firelighters, fire logs, meths, paraffin, matches; bulk bags of logs, hardwood and softwood mixed; bottled gas butane 4.5, 7, 13kg; bottled gas propane 3.9, 6, 11, 19, 47kg; patio gas 11kg; regulators, gas hoses and jubilee clips; coal bunkers and a range of fireside accessories.
Large bags of dog food; mixed corn; bird food nuts, seeds, sunflowers; dog retractable leads, flea powder.
For all your camping needs, we supply: bottled gas, BBQs, stoves and cookers; seating, tables, coolboxes, utensils, dishwear, flasks, water bottles and water carriers; repair patches, footpumps, travel towels, waterproofing and wax; 16-amp caravan plugs and leads; insect repellent, sleeping and survival bags, tarpaulins, torches and lanterns, tents and tent pegs, airbeds, carry mats; Elsan blue, toilet rinse, methylated spirit, lamp oil, bbq fluid, charcoal lumpwood, briquettes, selflight, disposable BBQ, nets of sticks and logs, firelighters and matches.


We’ve got the plumbing, electrical, ironmongery and building tools for any job big or small

Screws, nails, carriage, coach, anchor bolts; pre-packed accessories; door closers, furniture, hinges, slide bolts; fingerplates, hand rail brackets; letter boxes and cages; sash cord and wall plugs; carpet and worktop strips and more.
 Drills, jigsaws and drill bits; wood bits, masonry bits, cutting discs; tool boxes, sash clamps, handsaws; sledge hammers, axes and log splitters, files, levels, staple guns; pliers, wrenches, hole cutters, spanners; trowels and floats; torches, screwdrivers, oil stones, hammers; sanding discs, orbital pads, dust masks; Stanley blades and knives.
 Walkie-talkies; fuses, accessories and cables; heaters, fans, lamps and batteries; trunking; telephone leads and extension leads; fluorescent tubes and light bulbs; kettles, toasters, telephones, radios; hair dryers and hair straighteners/curlers.
 Yale/ERA locks, British standard and 5-lever; window locks and catches; padlock, discus and long shackle; chain sold by the metre, bike chain, rim locks and latches; key cutting while you wait, cylinder and mortice; digital locks and cash boxes.
Liquid and non-drip gloss; primers and undercoat; spray paint, Sadolin extra; Ronseal Varnish clear, coloured and wood fillers; Blackfriar matt black, concrete, blackboard paint; matt and silk white emulsion; Crown paints; masonry paint white; turps, white spirit, methylated spirit; red oxide, aluminium, Hammerite paints; paint stripper; Rust-Oleum chalky furniture paint; Cuprinol timber care; Creocote light and dark.
Wirewool, sand paper, emery cloth, orbital paper; Harris paint brushes and accessory tools; wallpaper paste, lining and woodchip paper; Liberon products, furniture and garden cleaners; linseed and garden oils; dust sheets disposable and cotton; disposable gloves and dust masks; disposable and cotton overalls; decking and patio cleaners; tile adhesive and accessories; Hammerite and thinners.
Treated and planed all-round timber; external and shuttering plywood; torus skirting and architrave; tongue and groove floorboards; chipboard flooring ordered on request; treated battens, door casings; timber and plywood cutting service available.
Aggregates, sand, cement and plaster; plasterboard, meshes and tapes; drainage and guttering; insulation and damp proof; fixings, joist hangers, door closures; adhesives and sealants; concrete blocks; lintels can be ordered on request.
Engine oil for diesel and petrol; grease, WD40 and 3-in-1 oil; vehicle registration number plates; additives for fuel; car bulbs; T -Cut, Wash-n-Wax, Back to Black, Dash Shine; sponges and chamois leathers; bike locks, inner tubes, repair kits and pumps; mobile phone charges.