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How To Warm Up A Scandi Bedroom

How To Warm Up A Scandi Bedroom

Scandinavian style is functional, beautiful and simple with a healthy serving of clean lines defining the bedroom. The minimalist scheme is fresh and airy but sometimes this pared-back design can look stark and cold. Get round this by starting with the right colour palette.

For south-facing rooms which receive the best of the summer sunlight, cool whites will effortlessly brighten and lighten the space. Experiment with grey/blue whites and optimise this sunlight with a strategically placed mirror, which will reflect the warm light as well as create the illusion of more space.

Also use a mirror in north-facing rooms but avoid cool whites at all costs. North-facing areas receive lower levels of daylight and a much cooler natural light. In these rooms, use whites with yellow undertones to warm up your Nordic design without making it feel like an ice box.

Continue to warm up this timeless scheme by offsetting plain white walls with wooden furniture and tactile finishing touches like hides, sheepskins and leather. You can get the same effect with luxurious layers of throws, woollen rugs, faux fur and knitted cushions. This additional texture will create a cosy haven and stop your bedroom from feeling too stark.

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Plants or flowers are also great for adding colour to a neutral bedroom. This added touch of life will also benefit your health with plants known for creating a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

If a simple scheme of white leaves you cold, consider other neutral palettes. Combine greys with metallic finishes to create a calm, soft interior or try soft nude tones which will work beautifully with signature Scandinavian blonde timber furnishings.

And remember, natural daylight is key to Scandi interiors so keep windows free from clutter, while window dressing should be simple and unfussy to allow light to flood in and create an inside-outside feel.