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Food Meghan Markle Must Avoid On Royal Duties

Food Meghan Markle Must Avoid On Royal Duties

She’s a self-confesssed foodie with a penchant for bold flavours but now the Duchess of Sussex must make a few changes to her diet. Along with following archaic rules and royal etiquette guidelines, Meghan Markle can’t eat certain foods when travelling abroad.

As a royal on official duty, the top food item on her ‘no-no’ list is garlic. And the reason is pretty obvious. Despite its many health benefits from lowering cholesterol to regulating blood pressure, garlic is also notorious for causing bad breath.

“Garlic is banned from being included in foods eaten by royal family members. With many meetings between official visitors, it is thought to be advised against to prevent any awkward bad breath,” the Sunday Express wrote.

Meghan may also have to avoid garlic when meeting the Queen, who avoids the seasoning at all costs. “We can never serve anything with garlic or too much onions,” royal chef Darren McGrady told RecipesPlus. “The Queen would never have garlic on the menu.”

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Another food Meghan may need to avoid is shellfish. Some royals avoid the delicacy due to the marine toxins found in the dish which can cause sickness or food poisoning. With royal engagements planned months ahead, it’s no surprise seafood is out of bounds. A sick day could cause Meghan to miss out on an important event.

The royal family also stay away from rare meat, foreign tap water and any food that is too exotic or spicy — and Megan will quickly learn the do’s and don’t’s of what she can eat when she’s travelling abroad.