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‘Pirate’ Steve’s Charity Fundraiser

diy llangollenSteve Lube

DIY fundraiser Steve Lube was raising cash for charity again. The long-serving shop assistant was back in costume raising booty for Children In Need. This time Steve turned up for work dressed as Pirates of the Caribbean character Captain Jack Sparrow.

Due to the cold blast outside, many of our customers in Llangollen wrapped up warm. But ‘shiver my timbers’ Steve donned a thin white shirt. He paired this with a pair of black trousers, a black leather sash and a fringed red belt tie.

The brave ‘pirate’ also wore a brown hat and a printed bandana and completed his look with a colourful collection of beads. You could say they were very similar to those worn by Johnny Depp in the popular movie. The only thing missing was the thick black eyeliner, but Steve drew the line at makeup.

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As a result of his charity effort, Steve raised an impressive £170 on Friday (Nov 15, 2013) and Watkin & Williams matched that to raise an overall total of £340 for Children In Need.