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Container Planting: Urban Gardening Tips

container plantingWhen it comes to container planting size does matter

Container planting brings colour and interest to an otherwise unexciting space. However, it’s important to choose the right pot to reap the rewards of growing plants in artificial environments.

When it comes to container planting size does matter. So picking a pot that’s not too big or small for the plant is paramount.

A few other things micro gardeners should consider is the type of pot and ensuring the container has a drainage hole to prevent water-logging.

Gardeners should also consider whether it will suit the style of their garden and choose plants that demand the same light intensity and moisture level. But ideally patio pots should also contain plants which have different leaf textures and growth habits. This is vital to create street appeal.

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One last point to consider is grouping containers according to the mature size of pot plants. It is advisable to place taller pot plants towards the back or middle. The shortest pot plants should go in front or towards the sides.

Happy container planting!