Superbike Road Racer Bruce Anstey Visits Llangollen DIY Shop


Staff at our Llangollen DIY shop lapped up a week of surprise visits by a professional motorcycle road racer looking to re-kit his vehicle.

Workers are used to seeing famous faces but not one who has graced the fast lane with nine TT wins under his belt. Shop assistant Steve Lube was one of the lucky members of staff to meet Superbike ace Bruce Anstey. Anstey, who hails from New Zealand, visited our shop several times to buy fittings, paint and odds and sods. And Steve enjoyed chatting to the motorcycle racer.

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Steve said: “He’s been in and out of the store all week buying equipment to refit his camper van. He uses it for bike racing. He’s been buying flat-screen television fittings, spray glue for carpet, paint and other odds and sods. He is very happy that he found everything he needed at Watkin & Williams.”

The Wellington Wonder (pictured right) was accompanied by friend and another well-known rider – Llangollen’s Paul ‘Moz’ Owen (left) – who recommended our DIY shop.

Cracking jokes

Steve added of the Kiwi ace: “He’s a very pleasant chap. He’s always cracking jokes when he comes to the store. He saw me dressed as a pirate for Children in Need and laughed at my costume. He made up for it though by making a donation.”

Steve added: “He’s only in the area this week so we’re making the most of his visits. I’m glad he said he found everything he needed at Watkin & Williams. In fact, many of our customers say the same thing.”

It’s not surprising Steve enjoyed spending time with the motorcycle racer. Anstey’s unassuming demeanor has made him tremendously popular amongst motorcycle racing fans. The superbiker spent a short time in Llangollen before moving on to his next destination.