We sell a daily, weekly and yearly permit to fish for brown trout, grayling and salmon along the Welsh River Dee.


You can buy fishing pemits (but not a rod licence) from us to fish along the Welsh River Dee. The river is fed by the headland lakes of Alwen, Brenig, Celyn and Bala, and is described as one of the purest rivers in Europe. It is internationally renowned for brown trout and grayling, and has good runs of salmon and sea trout. We sell:
Trout/salmon daily, weekly, yearly permit
Grailing permits sold out of season
Flies, hooks, weights, fishing wires, disgorgers
Rods and nets



A4 Angling Map

Horseshoe Falls to Duncan’s Pool
Excellent trout and grayling fishing from both banks fly only above the Horseshoe Falls for trout and grayling. Duncan’s pool is all methods for salmon  both banks. Spin or bait fishing is allowed for salmon below Duncan’s pool to the Horseshoe Falls which fishes well on high water. Access from car park A or C on the A5 side. Or at Llantysilio Church on the Ruthin Road bank. If the church parking is full please park at the country park car park above the Chain Bridge Hotel.

Duncan’s pool to Pendre
Excellent fishing for trout, grayling and salmon from the A5 side. The Hollybush pool is excellent for fly or spinning for salmon from both banks up to Pendre. There are numerous salmon pools all the way up. Also good trout and grayling fishing from both banks. Access from C or D on the A5 or F and G on the opposite bank. Pendre to the top pool. On the A5 side there is excellent salmon fishing by the way of fly, spinning or bait. Trout and grayling fishing is good. Access from car park B with quite a lot of walking involved. On the Ruthin road side the access is restricted and a lot of walking is required from access G.

Pendre to Top Pool
Good trout and grayling fishing. Excellent salmon pools at the Pot Hole, Dee Farm, Fridge and the Top Pool.


Angling Map-Pentrefelin (middle) section fishing

Railway Bridge to chain bridge A5 side
Good fishing for trout and grayling with fly or worm from the railway bridge up to the Chain Bridge Hotel. The salmon pools are slow and deep waters are Ty Craig down to the sea-trout pool fish well with spinner or bait. The sea trout pool itself fishes well on higher water with fly or spinner. Access is gained from parking at Ystrad Hall car park.

Railway Bridge to Chain Bridge Hotel, Ruthin Roadside
This is quite difficult access but good for trout and grayling. Fishes well with a fly or worm. Access from the Tower Bridge or by parking at the Chain Bridge Hotel car park and fishing downstream. At Ty Craig there are very deep channels which are good for bait fishing and spinning for salmon.

Robbers Leap
This is the start of the Chain Bridge runs, which are good on low water for fly, spinner or bait. Access from the top car park of the Chain Bridge Hotel.

Kings Bridge to Horseshoe Falls
On the A5 side there is a deep slow pool above the bridge which is hardly ever fished. This is good with spinner or bait. In between this pool and Bishops run.

Bishops Run
Fish with spinner or fly for salmon. Also a good run for trout or grayling with fly. Access from car park A off the A5.


A4 Angling Map fishing

Lingo Pool
A very good pool for spinning or bait fishing. This is one of the best pools for fishing spinner or bait. Any bait or spinner should be fished very deep. The run from the Wrexham road side is very good to fish with a fly to about half way down the pool. Please note Tyn Y Wern Hotel has withdrawn permission to park in its car park.

Rock House Pool
A deep slow salmon pool good for spinning or bait fishing. Access from the tip pool by walking down stream.

Tip Pool
Good salmon pool with a fast run into it. Fishes well with the fly or spinner off the A5 side. The run out of the pool goes into a rocky ledge which will fish bait well. From the top of the Tip Pool down to the top of Lingo Pool fishes well for trout and grayling with fly or worm. Access to the tip is gained through the council playing area at Coed Afon. Park at the bottom of Birch Hill on the A5. The opposite bank to the Tip Pool fishes with spinner or bait. Access is very difficult down a steep bank from the Woodlands Hotel car park.

Tip Pool to Town Weir
Good trout and grayling fishing with fly or worm. Access is gained by way of walking up from the Tip Pool. Good fishing at Bishops Walk on the Wrexham roadside up to the town bridge

Town bridge to Wild Pheasant
From the A5 side this is mostly trout and grayling water except for top rock and the deep channels in the park which are good for salmon by all methods. Access along promenade walk from Llangollen bridge or at park avenue housing estate. From the opposite bank from the railway station to just past the Jenny Jones island, there is good trout and grayling fishing by way of fly or worm. There are also two good salmon runs just above the Jenny Jones tunnel access.


Llangollen-Maelor-Angling fishing

Details to be written.



1. All fishing to be carried out in accordance with Environment agency rules and regulation.
2. Anglers must be in possession of the relevant Environment Agency rod licence. Anglers must carry with them their membership card or day ticket. This must be produced if requested by an authorised bailiff. Any member on production of his /her membership card is an authorised bailiff and is empowered to enforce the rules of the club and to check membership cards or tickets.
3. Anglers must not cut across another who is fishing a pool. Anglers shall take priority in order of their arrival at the pool. Fishing shall commence from the top of the pool. Anglers must move downstream at a steady pace at least one yard per cast. Anglers should remain at least 20 yards apart. Give consideration to other anglers on the opposite bank. Do not cast across another angler. Salmon anglers have priority at all times.
4. There shall be no cutting of trees, undergrowth or weeds save by persons on official work parties or by prior approval of the Executive board.
5. No dogs are allowed on the clubs waters.
6. No shooting, fires, camping, canoeing or launching of boats without the permission of the Executive Board.
7. It is illegal to attempt or deliberately foul hook Salmon/Sea trout or to kill Salmon kelts, smolts or parr.
8. It is illegal to fish with Salmon/trout roe or by products containing salmon/trout roe.
9. Spinning for Trout/Grayling is prohibited at all times.
10. Rapala lures must have the front and centre treble hooks removed or the points bent into the hook shaft. This is to prevent damage to the eyes of fish that have to be returned.
11. Pike fishing is restricted to dead baiting between 18th October and the last day of February.
12. The club endorses the Welsh Dee Trust recommendation that you must return the first Salmon you catch, you may keep your second Salmon if you wish, the third Salmon must be returned, you may keep the fourth Salmon then all other Salmon must be returned only two Salmon are allowed to be taken in the season all

hen fish to be returned after the 1st September. Ripe/darkly coloured fish should be returned. If in doubt put it back.
13. The daily Trout/Grayling bag limit is 4 this may be made up of trout and grayling or combination of the same. The minimum size for taking trout is 10 inches/25.5 cms. Any Trout below that limit must be returned dead or alive. If an angler catches their bag limit they may continue fishing on a catch and release basis. An Environment agency byelaw restricts the taking of Grayling to 2 fish per day. These must be in the size range 30-38cm (12”-15”). Grayling above or below that size must be returned.
14. All Salmon parr or smolt caught must be returned dead or alive.
15. The maximum size hook allowed for Trout, Grayling or Coarse fishing is an 8.
16. Any angler fishing for Salmon or Sea trout who catches a non migratory species must return it dead or alive.
17. Any angler fishing the clubs waters who has fished outside the UK or Ireland in the preceding 3 months must clean all tackle and equipment. This is to prevent the introduction of Gyrodactylus salaris.
18. All anglers should follow the country code. Be considerate to all people fishers and non-fishers alike. Respect farmland, crops and stock. Park wisely ensuring you are not blocking gates or access. Close all gates behind you. Take all litter and waste nylon home with you.
19. Juniors are allowed to fish for Salmon, they must be accompanied with an adult , under 16 is classed as Junior
20. All Salmon members must report Salmon catches within 24 hours of capture, call Ken on 07714612651, or e-mail bathers@deesalmon.fsnet.co.uk you must submit a catch/nil return to Ken by the 30th November. Renewal of membership may be refused unless a return has been submitted.
21. All anglers fish the clubs waters at their own risk. The club will not be responsible for and should be exempt from liability in respect of any injury to anglers or other persons from any cause or in any circumstances whatsoever.
22. No night fishing allowed for any species other than Sea trout.
23. No maggots allowed on the Llangollen

beats. On Maelor beats maggots are allowed for coarse fish on the Bathers beat only.
24. Worm fishing is allowed for Trout and Grayling downstream of the Chain bridge hotel to the end of Ddol Issa beat, maggots are allowed on the Bathers beat from 16th June-1st March. Juniors up to the age of 12 are allowed to worm fish all waters downstream of the Chain bridge hotel to the Tip pool and the Bathers beat. Junior members fishing above Sandy and Shady must be accompanied by an adult.
25. Duncan’s pool is all methods for Salmon/Sea trout on both banks
26. Fishing for Trout and Grayling is fly only upstream of the Chain Bridge hotel and from Lingo stream to Abercregan.
27. Any member of day ticket holder infringing any rule of the club or who may or who has been convicted of illegal fishing or offences under the Acts relating to salmon or trout shall forfeit his or her membership or day ticket. The membership/day ticket will also be forfeited if the holder acts in an unreasonable, aggressive, or inappropriate way towards any member, bailiff or landowner or as a result of his/her actions or demeanour brings the club into disrepute.
28. An initial suspension/forfeiture may be made on the direction of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Membership secretary or Head bailiff. The suspension to be notified to the member/ticket holder by first class post to the address shown on the member/holders card or ticket.
29. The question of suspension/forfeiture will then be considered at the next executive board meeting following the suspension. The member/ticket holder may make representations in person or in writing to the board. A majority of the board will decide on the issue with the Chairman having the casting vote. The result of the hearing will be notified to the member/ticket holder within 7 days of the decision by first class post to the address shown on the card or ticket.

River rules courtesy of Llangollen Maelor Angling